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Quality Assurance Agent

What to Expect As An Agent


Have ever thought about being a secret shopper? Have you wanted to pretend to shop, but were secretly rating the sales, customer service and overall experience of a business?


Then This Is the Opportunity for You!

Our Quality Assurance agents have the opportunity to call various companies and pretend to be a future or current customer and rate their experience! 

Each week you are sent a list of various businesses to call, you will then complete a form and send it in for review. Once your form submission has been processed, you are PAID! It's that easy!

Our agents have used the income from doing Quality Assurance to register for some of our higher paying clients. 

The pay is $20 per sheet

There is NO Fee to register for this client!


Disclaimer: You must be selected to receive a list to call by our staff. Agents are not guaranteed a list each week. Your performance will determine the number of lists that you are offered. 

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