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FIRST You will have to take these steps and keep in mind that KMI Virtual Solution LLC is looking for those who will put their best effort forward and have the talent which is commensurate with the professionalism needed to serve their clients. 


Create a User Profile                                                                        Download our step by step guide


  • When Asked for who referred you please enter yes and CSPIID # 1394138

THEN you will be asked to:

  • “Once you join our corporation entity affiliated with Arise Virtual Solutions.” or an incorporation page and here you will enter KMI Virtual Solution  or IBO ID- 85711

  • We receive the request and send you an email notification.

  • Please go back to the portal and fill out the necessary NDA and waiver and enrollment with KMI Virtual Solution. You will be a subcontractor receiving a 1099.

  • You are ready to look at opportunities listed on the Arise Portal. Please choose carefully and read thoroughly the requirements and qualifications as this will become your SOW (Statement Of Work) agreement and you will be awarded off of your adherence to it.

Certification should be viewed as a business investment rather than a business cost. In most cases, the cost of the certification class can be recovered in less than 40 hours of servicing. In addition, the cost of the certification class is a ONE-TIME fee and, unlike other certifications such as an insurance or accounting certification, Arise’s clients do not generally require Client Support Professionals to become re-certified on a yearly basis.



If you are looking to change your IBO:

If you want to change your Independent Business:
1. Go to the Arise Portal
2. Select Drop/Change IB from the My Info menu. A new window will display.
3. Ensure that “Request to move to the following VSC” is selected. Enter the new IBO ID in the field (VSC# 85711)
4. Click Search.
5. After you confirm the name is correct, click the Proceed button. When you see the “Request submitted Successfully” message, you’ve successfully notified Arise of your request.

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