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Food Order Agent

Here is an opportunity to service for one of the leading restaurant chains in the country!


Pizza Hut IS Home Agents work from their home office answering the calls of The Pizza Hut customers across Texas. It is interesting, very flexible, part-time work that allows you to create your own schedule from a range of available hours. As you will appreciate, home-based work has additional requirements and qualifications beyond those of just a conventional call center staff job.


Position Description

Take simple Pizza Hut to dine in, carry out, and delivery orders with the help of a pre-established script with the benefit of a flexible schedule.


Available Work Periods

Sunday to Thursday 8 am–3 am EST. Friday and Saturday 8am-4am EST.


Peak Work Periods

Friday and Saturday 6pm-12am EST.

Sundays: Sept-January 12pm-4pm EST and/or 6pm-10pm EST

                 February-August Sunday 6-pm-10pm EST


Mandatory Work Periods

Min of 15 hrs per week with 8 hrs within the peak periods listed above.

Mandatory Holidays: You must work: Min 3 hrs during indicated periods --

Fri before Super Bowl Sun 6pm-11pm EST --

Super Bowl Sun 3pm-7pm EST

Min 3 hrs during (3) of the (5) indicated period (during the calendar year)

--New Year’s Day 6pm-11pm EST

--Halloween 4:30pm-8pm EST

--Valentine’s Day 6-11pm EST

--New Year’s Eve 7-11pm EST

--Wed before US Thanksgiving holiday


*Times may be revised periodically based on business needs


Minimum Weekly Hours 15


Potential Earnings $7.50-10.00 an hour

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