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Who We Are

KMI Virtual Solutions provides excellence customer service to many Fortune 500 Companies. We have the experience and knowledge with serving as professional Customer Service agents. We offer the ability to work from Home taking inbound, sales, technical support and customer service calls. The flexibility of being able to structure your weekly work schedule in 3o minutes increments, and receive your paycheck through direct deposit. Our Customer service professionals enjoy the freedoms of no work commute, wear and tear on your car, being able to save on gas, work wardrobe, daycare fees or the simplicity of just being able to pick their children up from school. A way of allowing convenience in your life without the hassle of a 9-5. We live in the clouds, “Why not work from home.

Meet Melissa

In today's customer service oriented society, timely, friendly, proactive service is sought to enhance future business growth. I’m Melissa and we help students, stay at home parents, military dependents, disabled with working from home so they can supplement their income.Customer loyalty is always impacted when you employ the right service professional to represent you when assisting your valued customers.

My long term experience in the service and operation of management industry has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer's expectations with service that sells. I have assisted all types of customers in all types of settings. I realize that acquiring and maintaining loyal repeat business as well as spreading the word of your business through these loyal patrons is of the utmost importance in every company. Positioning a company for better exposure and greater marketability is a task that I have performed with success many times.

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